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Feeling lonesome: what are 
the opposites of loneliness?



Spaces of Creative Solitude —
artistic and literary works



Politics of Loneliness
& Solitude



Plurality of methodological approaches to loneliness studies

Welcome to virtual Laboratory of Politics of Loneliness & Solitude, a web platform that
means to facilitate research projects on different forms of POLITICS OF LONELINESS

In METHODS LAB we discuss plurality of methodological approaches to loneliness studies. For those who want to learn more about the opposites of loneliness we have a section called FEELING LONESOME. Finally, we focus on SPACES OF CREATIVE SOLITUDE that can resist political alienation through artistic and literary works.

Seminars at the Political Science Research Center


Due to kind invitation of Professor Sandra Fernandes from the Research Centre in Political Science, University of Minho (Braga, Portugal) on  November 7, 2023  we will have a chance to organise a seminar Russian gendered nationalism studied through visual politics of loneliness. The following day,  November 8, 2023 , we will have a workshop Sovereignty as “organized loneliness”: existential approach to sovereigntism of Russian “state-civilization” which will focus on concepts of “Russia’s identity,” “threat narratives” and “ontological security” as key points of existential approach to political sciences and international relations.


New book by Vera Grantseva:
“Do Russians want the war?”


“Do the Russians want war?” asked the poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko in 1961. “Les Russes veulent-ils la guerre?” – sixty years later new answer to this question is provided by Vera Grantseva-Ageeva. Vera grew up under Putin in Saint Petersburg and now teaches at Sciences Po in Paris. Mobilizing testimonies, social sciences, history, and her intimate knowledge of Russian society, she deciphers the hidden mechanisms of a predatory state, a mafia regime, and people subjected to cannibalistic neo-feudalism. Her new monograph was released by Editions du Cerf in Paris on October 5, 2023.

“Existential explorations in IR”:
EWIS workshop at Amsterdam

Photo from EWIS_edited.jpg

On  July 14th , 2023 , during the first day of European Workshop of International Studies at Amsterdam we have held a workshop on “existential explorations in IR”. The meeting has shown that, despite some opinions, existential approach to international relations exists and rapidly develops towards future publications. Here is our team of fellow copanellists and, hopefully, future co-authors of the collected monograph.

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