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alternative rock band

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OYA is a musical alternative rock band formed by Elena Luchina and Vladimir Shalnev in 2015 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The band plays English-language alternative rock with strong influences of jazz, R'n'B and dubstep. The band's first single was called Like a Diamond, and the song went into rotation on more than 15 radio stations in the UK, Netherlands, France, USA and Canada. The band's second single Don't Leave Your Room was based on a poem by Joseph Brodsky. The musicians' fascination with Afro-Cuban music can be clearly heard there. Both Elena (composer, singer, vocal coach) and Vladimir (bass guitar) currently reside in Belgrade, Serbia and can be reached by

Projects presented in the Politics Loneliness&Solitude Lab:

 OYA - Like a Diamond / Live 

 OYA - Don't Leave Your Room  

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